Here are some answers to common questions we receive:

No we are not. We are made up of Jewish and Non-Jewish followers of Messiah Yeshua and seekers of Biblical truth.

No. Although we have followers of Messiah that are Jewish and could be called Messianic Jews, we also have more followers of Messiah that are not Jewish. We are a Fellowship that teaches the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and attempts to obey all that G-d commands. We believe that labels tend to bring more disunity than unity. Therefore, we attempt to limit the labels as much as possible.

No. Although our statement of faith may very well look like many of the beliefs of most Christian denominations and congregations, we do not classify ourselves as one. We are a Fellowship of followers of Messiah Yeshua. We believe in the Bible as the word of G-d and try to live by its commands. We believe that labels tend to bring more disunity than unity. Therefore, we attempt to limit the labels as much as possible.

We gather together on Shabbat. We have home fellowships called Kehillah’s that meet together on Friday evening or Saturday. These groups break bread, fellowship, pray, worship and study the Bible together. They are building relationships in order to grow as disciples.

We also gather in corporate services on Tuesdays for Real Time Torah. This is a time of food, music, dance and teaching as well as some Q & A. One Friday a month we gather for a community Shabbat. Finally, we celebrate together each of the L-rd’s Biblical festivals and holidays. These are listed in Leviticus 23. See our Biblical Feasts section for details.

Each of these gatherings is open to everyone.

All of our gatherings including home Kehillah’s are based on the one simple principle. Modesty. Dress should not draw attention to the individual or cause someone to lust. Some people will dress more professional business on special services such as Passover. Kippahs or head coverings are not required although some people do wear them.

We have childcare for nursery age children at all of our public services. We have a children’s ministry for 6-10 year olds that takes place during part of our services. We also have several families Kehillah’s that gather together providing a community for kids and adults to interact and be with people of their own age.

At this time we do not have any specific youth programs. Although our family groups do meet together regularly and provide relationships for our teens.

Yes. Be One teaches the Biblical command to tithe which is found in the Hebrew Bible (traditionally called the Old Testament) and the Apostolic Writings (Traditionally called the New Testament.) Be One believes that each person should tithe to their local storehouse, and give offerings as G-d instructs. To give to Be One use the Be One app or click the tab in the main menu that says Give”. Also you can text to give.

Yes. Through The Hebraic Institute you may take a full year of Biblical Hebrew. Each class is 12 weeks long and is designed for adult and young persons with no previous Hebrew language experience. There are also other classes offered at the Hebraic Institute in addition to Hebrew.

Our services are all in English. We do recite in some of our services some traditional Hebrew liturgies, and we also teach Hebrew words as we study the Bible together. Some of our music has Hebrew and English lyrics as well. One does not need to have any Hebrew background to enjoy and engage in a Be One service.