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Our vision is to inspire and equip people to Be One with G-d and each other (Psalm 133, John 17:20-23). Each of us has a role to play in building the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. We are here to help you discover and grow in your place in the kingdom. We offer several ways to inspire, educate and activate your faith walk with G-d. We invite you to explore this web site; subscribe to receive free updates, become a partner, become part of a local Shabbat Fellowship and Be One who invest in others.  The kingdom of heaven is at hand and is in you!


Celebrate Purim with us!

Tuesday Feb 23, 7:00 P.M. CST

Current and Upcoming Events

What is different about Be One?

Our ministry focus is on the kingdom of G-d.

We offer the following unique perspective

  • Hebraic understanding of the Bible.

  • Lifestyle and culture of first century Jewish life (times of Yeshua, Jesus).

  • Modern applications of ancient Biblical text.

  • Certified Life Coaching from a Biblical perspective.

Be One Ministries Training and Equipping is for all denominations, and non-denominations. We are not affiliated with a sect or brand of Judaism or Christianity. We are a ministry for the Kingdom of G-d. Our message is One Book One Story.

Would you like to have Be One Ministries come to your event, church or meeting?

 We can provide a list of seminars, conferences and topics for teachings we offer.

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