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Shalom And Welcome

Thank you for visiting our virtual community. Throughout this site you will find multiple paths to connect. Make sure to subscribe and receive free updates..

Be One is a ministry founded on the basis of John 17:20-23 and Psalm 133. Check out our “About” section to learn more.

Be stand on two pillars:

  • Be One Fellowship is a community of followers of Messiah Yeshua. (Jesus) We meet regularly as a fellowship with a focus on discipleship. We gather weekly to celebrate Shabbat and annually to rehearse the Biblical Feasts.  We enjoy our relationships with each other and G-d. Learn more about us on the Be One Fellowship page.

  • Be One Equipping provides training and education to encourage Biblical literacy through a Hebraic worldview. Our focus is to provide resources and opportunities for anyone to grow in their Biblical knowledge.

Each pillar is a compliment of the other. Together they provide a strong foundation for the follower of Messiah. As you explore this site you will find multiple places to connect to Be One Fellowship or Be One Equipping. For example: You may:

  • Watch the many teachings on our App or You Tube Channel

  • Listen to podcast, 

  • Join one of our local Shabbat Kehillah's, (links to Kehillah page and map)

  • Attend one of our many community gatherings. EVENTS

  • Advance your knowledge through The Hebraic Institute.


We welcome and look forward to meeting you.

                                                                           Israel At War

Be One is in contact with multiple people and organizations on the ground in Israel. We are working to provide prayer and financial support to the people whose world has been turned upside down. If you would like to contribute you can rest assured that 100% of your money will go to trustworthy, G-dly organizations or people in Israel. The need is extreme througout the country and your support is needed. 
If you would like more detailed information about the war, the Biblical view, the response G-d desires of us, or the groups we are giving money too:

  • Subscribe to Be One to receive updates.

Israel Coat of Arms.jpg


  • Click Drop Down

  • Select Israel Emergency Fund

Real Time Torah
Crossbridge Church of Christ
Dinner: 5:45 (registration required)
Service: 7:00
Childcare birth-6 beginning at 6:30
Children 7-11 released after music for their own service.


Parsha Pairings Podcast!

JS 1.jpg

Freedom Tour
Are you desiring to see Egypt and Israel?
This is your trip. Check out all the details. 



Paul Wilbur in concert to 
Stand with Israel
Tickets are free but required.


We offer the following unique perspective:

  • Hebraic understanding of the Bible.

  • Lifestyle and culture of first century Jewish life (times of Yeshua, Jesus).

  • Modern applications of ancient Biblical text.

  • Certified Life Coaching from a Biblical perspective.

Be One Ministries Training and Equipping is for all denominations, and non-denominations. We are not affiliated with a sect or brand of Judaism or Christianity. We are a ministry for the Kingdom of G-d. Our message is One Book One Story.

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