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Shalom and Welcome
Unity, a challenging word for our time, yet one we should all aspire to. Be One is here to help you join together with others and Be One as Yeshua and the Father are one.  (Psalm 133, John 17:20-23). 
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Be One who invest in others.  
The kingdom of heaven is at hand and is in you!

Take the 22 day challenge. 
Read the Bible for 22 minutes every day for 22 days. Click the button for information. 


Hanging DIY Decorations

Sukkot is just around the corner. Gather with us and enjoy a week of fun, fellowship, spiritual and personal growth.

Yom Teruah

Day of Shouting which is commonly called

The Feasts of Trumpets. Also known as Rosh Hashannah or the civil new year for Israel. 

Come celebrate this incredible appointed time on Sunday September 25th.

Dinner 5:00

Service: 6:00

Childcare Birth-12.

Feast of Trumpets Religious Website Bann


Church of Christ

3039 Brook Highland Parkway



We offer the following unique perspective:

  • Hebraic understanding of the Bible.

  • Lifestyle and culture of first century Jewish life (times of Yeshua, Jesus).

  • Modern applications of ancient Biblical text.

  • Certified Life Coaching from a Biblical perspective.

Be One Ministries Training and Equipping is for all denominations, and non-denominations. We are not affiliated with a sect or brand of Judaism or Christianity. We are a ministry for the Kingdom of G-d. Our message is One Book One Story.