What is a Shabbat Kehillah group?

Be One Fellowship has two primary gatherings per week. One is our midweek Tuesday corporate Bible study called Real Time Torah. The second gathering is always on Shabbat. One time per month we gather for a community Shabbat celebration. This corporate service is open to anyone. We celebrate with food, music, dance, teaching, liturgy and prayer. This service combines ancient connections with modern practicalities. It is a special time of being with the body and those seeking Biblical truth. 

Every other Shabbat we meet in homes across the area. These groups are called Shabbat Kehillah Groups. 

A kehillah ( קְהִלָּה ) is an assembly or congregation. We use the word kehillah to recognize our community of faith. A roi (רֹעִי ) is a shepherd. We use this word to describe the leader of a Shabbat home kehillah.

A kehillah group is a gathering of 4-15 people (Jews and non-Jews) participating in a Shabbat gathering for the purpose of strengthening the bonds of fellowship in Yeshua the Messiah and giving witness to His presence among us (Mt. 18:20). This is the foundational heart of Be One.

We meet together believing that each home is a sanctuary for fellowship, worship, prayer, teaching, and allowing the many gifts of the body of Messiah to come forth. Each of these groups are unified under Be One and unique in thier complextion.

We encourage you to search for one of our kehillah's near your home and make contact with the leader to see if space is avaialbe and if the make up of the group would fit you. Some of our groups are specialized, eg. single woman, families with young children, etc.

As a blessing, G-d is adding new people to our fellowship regularly. Our kehillah growth is challenging in that we do not start a group without a trained leader (roi) and a host home. If there is not a group available at the time you look, contact our office to see where you may be able to go. We are praying in new kehillah and ask you to help pray for roi and homes as we grow. 

We are often asked what is the difference between a Kehillah and a traditional small group or Sunday school class?

1. We meet on the Biblical Shabbat.

While meeting any day of the week is certainly wonderful and a blessing (eg. we meet every Tuesday) those other days are not the Biblical Shabbat. According to the Bible the shabbat is the seventh day of the week. (see our articles, teachings and Rabbi Jeff's book, The Art of Rest, for understanding of this).

We do not discourage meeting on other days of the week such as Tuesday, Wed or Sunday. We simply hold that those days are not the shabbat and G-d commanded us to gather on the shabbat. By everyone meeting in various homes on Shabbat we build unity. This consistent weekly gathering is a highly held value of our fellowship. 

2. We study the Bible.

While book studies, fun hobbies and other common thread activities are useful in the process of discipleship, our Shabbat gatherings are focused on the scriptures. We beleive the Bible must be the center of our disciplehsip and is the foundation for all growth. Each week we study the scriptures and learn His word together. 

3. We are led by trained roi (shepherds). 

Many small groups are led by people who are facilitators. We beleive that can be very helful and beneficial. However, for our Shabbat Kehillah groups to be effective we beleive that the shepherds must be trained and equipped to truely pastor the people. We provide a complete training program and ongoing leadership equipping for each of our roi. When a person attends a kehillah they will be attedning a "home fellowship" that provides for the needs spirtually, emotionaly, and sometimes even physically. 

Each of these groups are connected to Be One Fellowship and its leadership. 

Click Find a Kehillah to see connect to a group nearby. If there is not one available contact our office by emailing info@beonetoday.org