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The Way: Restoring the Olive Tree!

Adonai’s plan is that we, Jew and Non-Jew in the Body of Messiah Yeshua, reconcile after a great breach.  The breach began in the Garden, found expression throughout Tanakh (Hebrew Bible commonly referred to as Old Testament,) and widened during Yeshua’s lifetime.  Ensuing events over the past 2000 years have fractured Jewish and Non-Jewish relations so much so that reconciliation can appear an impossibility.  However, in G-d, all things are possible.


This course examines in detail:

  • The scriptures prophesying the breach.

  • The historical events that ripped Yeshua’s followers from “all things Hebraic.” 

  • The resulting atrocities such as the Crusades and the Holocaust.

  • Replacement Theology to current expressions of anti-Semitism.

  • The Jewish responses to all of this.

  • The Biblical future of restoration.


As dire as the situation now seems, G-d has provided for us a roadmap to reconciliation.  Do we understand the relevant scriptures?  Are our hearts prepared to honestly assess what we’ve been taught via text-critical analysis overlaying historical accounts?  Are we, Jew and Non-Jew alike, prepared to undergo the reflection that leads to repentance, confession, and forgiveness?  Only than will we step into our G-d appointed role as ONE in Messiah Yeshua, ONE in the Olive Tree. 


Week 1-   The Life of Sha’ul


Week 2-  The Good News


Week 3-  The Olive Tree


Week 4-  Disunity: The Fruit of Disobedience


Week 5-  Council of Nicea


Week 6-  From Nicea to the Crusades


Week 7-  From the Crusades to the Reformation


Week 8-  Post Reformation to Modern Times


Week 9-  Shoah and the Return


Week 10-  The Jewish Response


Week 11-  The Reveal


Week 12- Restoring the Tree

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