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The Hebraic Institute offers a series of courses designed to advance students’ Biblical Literacy and Hebraic Thinking.  Each course includes well-researched and clearly communicated subject matter. Memorization and application of scriptures bring a deep understanding. This course integrates the Hebrew Scriptures (Tanakh) and the New Testament into “One Book One Story.”


The first class is Introduction to a Biblical Worldview and Hebraic Thinking.  Below is the course syllabus.  Click the link for schedule, registration and costs.

Session 1: Introduction

Overview of the course structure and first century discipleship.

Establishing a Biblical worldview: One Book One Story


Session 2: Foundations of Faith: “The Ten Statements”

Re-discover these famous Ten Declarations given by G-d through Moses in the context of Hebraic thought.


Session 3: The Living Word: “Bible”

Can we really trust that the Bible is the word of G-d? In this session, the student will learn how to defend the Bible as a trustworthy, historical, accurate and inspired book. In addition, the student will gain an overview of Hebrew concepts within the context of the Bible.


Session 4: The Living Word: “Yeshua”

The student will see Yeshua explained as the Messiah and the Son of G-d through Jewish text and the Hebrew scriptures. The student will learn how to study the Bible using different translations, learning which translations are trustworthy. In addition, the student will receive resources that will enhance personal study.


Session 5: The Living Spirit: “Ruach & Words”

Study the Spirit of G-d from Genesis to Revelation. We will see how G-d expressed Himself to mankind. What is our language barrier? The student will learn the power of words and how language controls the culture.


Session 6: The Living Spirit: “Ruach Immersion”

The truth about the immersion (baptism) in the Holy Spirit, speaking in other tongues and the gifts of the Spirit. The Hebraic worldview.


Session 7: The Living Communion: Zikaron

Matthew speaks of a prayer known by most as the L-rd’s prayer. But what is this prayer based on? In this session the student learns two of the most ancient prayers in history and how to pray Hebraically.


Session 8: The Living Law: “Torah”

What is meant when we read or hear “the law”? Are we not under law? How do law and grace work from the Hebraic worldview? Was Paul crazy? This class is a gamechanger for most people. The student will become free in the law.


Session 9: Living His Rest: ”Shabbat”: The Biblical Command

This session examines the Biblical basis of Shabbat. When seen through the Hebraic view of the Bible, students will discover the power of G-d’s appointments.

Session 10: Living His Rest: “Shabbat”: Work and Rest

Guarding and keeping Shabbat is the command, but what does that mean? In this session the student will learn the power of rest, the meaning of work and boundaries given in the Bible.


Session 11: History of Biblical Israel and Judah to the New Testament

As we look at the world landscape today we must grasp the bigger picture from a Biblical point of view. This session looks at the historical spread of the people of G-d, and the prophetic implications for today.  What was the impact of the community of followers in the first century?


Session 12: The One New Man

Paul describes the body of messiah as one new man. What does this mean? This session will help all the students to walk out their Biblical faith expression in a way that is unified with others in the kingdom and diverse from the world. 

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