By digging through the Hebrew scriptures with a Hebraic understanding a beautiful hidden mystery is unearthed. This course is a like an expedition into ancient text and thought. What awaits on the other side is nothing short of stunning.

Session 1: Introduction to Messiah

An overview of the class. Introduction of terms and methodology.

Session 2-5: Messiah through the Torah

These classes will focus on verses within the Torah (first five books of the Bible) which describe the plan, purpose and person of Messiah.

Session 6-8: Messiah through the Prophets

Yeshua is seen throughout the prophets. However, Hebraic understanding reveals an even stronger case for Yeshua being the promised Messiah.

Session 9-11: Yeshua in the Writings

Throughout the Hebrew Bible there are illusions and references to a Messiah. In the historical, poetic and narrative works, Messiah is brought out like an unfolding mystery. 

Session 12: Yeshua in the New Covenant

Although most followers have read and heard the New Testament, many have never understood the New Covenant. What is the New Covenant and how is Yeshua a part of it?