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“Building a community of disciples one Shabbat at a time!”

Let us break down this vision for you in very practical terms. 


Building: A committed intentional work. To build something

requires planning, effort and commitment. We do not gather by accident. Each gathering is designed to allow for engagement of G-d and people. We realize that to be a community requires work. 

Community: A gathering of people committed to loving each other and G-d in unity. There are many communities in the body of Messiah and we honor those. We believe in diversity rather than division. G-d's diversity allows us to have a distinctive community and have unity within the larger body of Messiah. We are blessed to have many great relationships with other communities of faith who celebrate and worship different then our community. However, we each hold to the essentials of the faith. (See our Essentials of the Faith Page for more info.) 


Our community is based on the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. We believe that we are better together.

Disciples: A disciple is one who is actively following, learning, walking and training others in the faith. Our Biblical mandate is to "disciple the nations," and we focus our energy on this. Our philosophy of discipleship is built on the first two foundations (Build, Community). Discipleship does not happen by accident but requires work and it does not happen alone. Isolation prevents true growth in the faith. Community builds growth.

                                     Shabbat: In order to build a community of disciples there must be a consistent                                               pattern of time and energy spent. We express ourselves with the Shabbat. This is the                               seventh day of the week. We are instructed to "guard, keep and rest" on Shabbat.                                           The seventh day begins at sundown on Friday night and ends at sundown on                                                   Saturday according to the Biblical day. We meet in homes on Friday evening for                                               dinner, fellowship, prayer and bible study (See the Halakah page for more info). Our                                       desire to celebrate Shabbat with family and friends is a not only a Biblical pattern                                           but a fun one as well.


In order to fulfill the call G-d has given to our community we believe that equipping people is a foundational necessity. 

Biblical literacy and Spiritual filling are the two ways a person can see consistent growth in their walk with G-d and people. Based on this we provide multiple opportunities and ways for people to connect around Biblical teaching and Spirit filled events. Click below to learn more.

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Who we are & What we do

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