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Training is the process of discipleship. We train individuals with the proper tools to create growth in their walk of faith and their expression to their community.

We host and are available for a variety of events and conferences where we train individuals in a  Hebraic understanding of the Bible.

We do this through:

*Training is for the student who wants to gain knowledge, understanding about the Hebraic mindset and the first century believer. This student may be interested in ministry as a vocation or may be non-vocational but they desire to live out a messianic lifestyle.

Events Available

  • Essential Oils and the Bible: This three-hour event will train and provide you with revelation of G-d's original wellness plan. Discover the Biblical history, be trained in the science of how the oils work and practical daily uses of the oils. 

  • The Marriage Code: Weekend Encounter: This two-day event is designed to take bad marriages and make them good and take good marriages and make them great. Each couple will get an inspirational and practical two-days of training to learn and connect with their spouse.

  • The Hebraic Way: This is a two-day event designed to train both Jewish and Non-Jewish people that leads into a true first century Biblical experience. The training sessions are designed in a Hebraic teaching style including, discussions, questions, history, humor and music.

  • Speaking InviteInvite Jeff, Sherri or a Be One Ministries team member to train and speak at your event.

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