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The Priest of the L-rd

EMOR: Say or Speak: Leviticus 21:1-24:23 | Ezk: 44:15-44:31

This weeks parsha gives insight about the priest and the feasts. We see the structure of the nation of Israel. Of the twelve tribes of Jacob, the Levites were chosen to be the priestly tribe. This was based on the loyalty they showed during the infamous "golden calf" incident. Some of the Levites, those who are descendants of Aaron were called Kohenim. These are the priest who would be responsible for korbanot (sacrifice: draw near). Other Levites would serve as well but not in that capacity. These priest were given additional commands in order to serve in the Temple and the physical presence of G-d. These are called laws of clean and unclean.

The priest, for example, could not touch a dead body unless it was a close relative and then they were unclean and had to go through a washing of water and ashes to be made clean again. The high priest could not even touch his close relative without becoming unclean.

As you read through these regulations you may find them odd or strange. However, when we step back for a moment and think about our own lives in relation to being in the presence of G-d, we may find that these are not so strange.

Imagine for a moment that you are walking into a funeral for your close relative. As you enter you find yourself grieving and praying. You are saying your final goodbye and then the pastor or rabbi comes in. He enters wearing shorts and a tank top. He has sunglasses on and a beer in hand. Accompanying him is a prostitute who is dressed in for the role. He begins the service by saying "Let's hear one of the deceased favorite songs." He then hits a button on the sound system and "na na na na...hey hey...goodbye" blast over the speakers.

I could go on painting this picture but I am sure you see the point. The disrespect and irreverence

for the moment is painful to think about. This is only an earthly funeral service but all of us can relate to how offended and upset we would be.

Now imagine that you are going to a place where the holy creator of the universe is going to be. Can you imagine that there would be some standards and rules that would allow one to enter into that building?

Even though we no longer have a physical temple or priest to serve in it we can know that standards are still in place. According to the New Testament we are the temple of the Holy Spirit and we are priest called to serve our creator. If you accept that then re-read this parsha and ask G-d how you can apply these clean laws to your own life.


  1. Are you a priest of the L-rd according to the Bible? Site Verses

  2. Are you a temple of the L-rd accoriding to the Bible? Site Verses

  3. How can you live clean before your G-d?

  4. DEEP DIVE: What is the difference between unclean and sin?

Have fun and enjoy the word of G-d.

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