Passover Seder
Nisan 15 | April 16 | 5:00 P.M.

Ancient Egypt was a place of wonder built upon the backs of slaves, Jewish slaves. Then G-d heard the cries of His chosen people from heaven and sent a prophet and lawgiver, Moses. Pharaoh would be stubborn and bring much pain to G-d’s people even putting his own household in jeopardy. 

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Eventually, he relented and the slaves of Egypt were set free, and so began a first of many miracles of a people set free.

Passover is a story that ebbs and flows like a beautiful mystery, a love story and an action thriller all at the same time. The story continues over thousands of years and culminates in the year 33 C.E with the Jewish man named Yeshua (Jesus) as he celebrated Passover with his closest followers. What they were about to witness and participate in would change the world forever.

On April 16th join Be One Ministries to relive and rehearse one of the greatest Biblical stories the world has ever heard. The Passover Seder will be led by Rabbi Jeff Friedlander, and his wife, Sherri.  You will participate in a full Passover Seder experience, messianic praise and worship, enjoy a fabulous meal including dessert and experience the presence of G-d.

Do not miss this Biblical Moad (appointed time).

Tickets are only $35 Per Person

FREE Childcare for children 5 and under with a meal. 

All seats are open seating.

Tickets are limited so get your seat fast!