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Essential Oils & the Bible

Experience the Ancient Oils of Scripture at an Event Near You

" And they went out....and anointed with oil many that were sick and healed them." -Mark 6:12-13

The oils of the Bible have been known for thousands of years as God’s way to bring our bodies into divine alignment.  There are hundreds of references to essential oils in the scriptures.

Today, science is revealing the chemistry that God created.

At this event, you will learn:

  • Biblical history of the oils.

  • Science behind the oils (how they work).

  • How to use oils in your daily life.

At this event, you will receive:

  • An event workbook including:

    • Uses of essential oils

    • Graphics and charts

    • Resources

In addition:

  • You are entered in a drawing for door prizes.

  • You receive a sampling of the oils.

Upcoming Events

"For the cost of a lunch, learn how to use Biblical oils for a lifetime!"

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