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Israel Tours


Plan now for 2024

Be One Tours are designed to provide an unforgettable life-changing experience for our guest. Our tours take the traveler on a journey through the ages and to some of the most impactful sites of history the world has known.  Each of our tours brings history alive through our experienced in country guides and the Be One Team. We specialize in telling the story of the Bible through the story of the land and the people. We give each guest 4-5 star accomodations, outstanding food, and an experienced team of specialist who take each person through an ordered and inspirational tour process.

In addition, safety is always a major factor in the planning and execution of Be One Tours. Our team provides tested safety measures (such as trip insurance, experienced licensed guides and professional tour company partners),  to insure to the best of our ability that each of our guest arrive, tour and return safely.

We desire to give each guest a hassle-free way to travel and tour these amazing places and return home a changed person. We are excited to have you join us as we Tour the Lands of the Bible.

Enjoy the Journey

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