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This course is designed to create a culture of Messianic Jewish and Gentile believers working together for the discipleship of the nations.

The Hebraic Way

The Talmid (disciple) is to become a wise student. This is an immersion event where a person is transformed and then used by G-d to transform others.

A Talmid (disiple) of the first century was one who followed the Rabbi (Yeshua) with a belief they could be transformed in their thought, attitude and actions. They would give their life to that study and eventually become experts in Torah and other pursuits. They would become “wise Students”.

The Hebraic Way provides each Talmid (disciple) with the following:

1. Become aware of the way in which the Hebrew writers of the Bible thought.

2. Apply that world view to your relationship with G-d.

3. Create habits that become lifetime disciplines.

4. Experience Biblical Community.

5. Invite others to the community through sharing your faith and being a disciple maker.

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