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Freedom Tour

February 25-March 8



Day 1: Saturday, Sept. 7:  Flight from Atlanta to Cairo.

Day 2: Sunday Sept. 8  Arrive in Cairo (L.D). Transfer to Hotel

We check into our 5-star accommodations with the Pyramids of Giza

in full view. We will enjoy a Welcome dinner. 

Welcome to the Mena House Marriot Hotel and Garden View.


Day 3: Saturday February 27: The Land of the Pyramids 

Breakfast and Lunch Included

Our tour day begins at The Great Pyramids of Giza. They are the largest and only remaining man-made structure from the “seven wonders of the ancient world.” Located in the same location is the Sphinx, which is an ancient Egyptian mystical figure usually formed as a lion with a human head. Everyone will have the opportunity to climb into the pyramid and burial chamber for a small fee. Our next stop takes us to Memphis, 24 km southwest of Cairo, in Al-Badrasheen. This is the first capital city founded after the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt by king Narmer of the 1st Dynasty. Here we visit The Open-Air Museum where we will see a colossal statue of Ramses II. We will have lunch at a countryside restaurant with typical Egyptian food. Our day continues with a day tour visit to Sakkara, representing the first free based large stone structure in the world and the Step Pyramid of King Zoser. Our private Guide will explain the facts and legends of this incredible site and you’ll have free time to explore at leisure. Then we head back to the hotel. The evening will offer you two choices for dinner You will be escorted to dining in Cairo or you can take Nile River dinner cruise and show ($60).


Day 4: Sunday February 28: Visit : Visit Alexandria and Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue

Breakfast- Lunch- Dinner included

After breakfast at the hotel, transfer by our private coach to  visit historic Alexandria, the second capital of Egypt.   We will see the Catacombs of Kom El-Shuqafa, the largest known Roman burial site in Egypt. We will enjoy lunch at a  sea food restaurant overlooking the Mediterranean. We then visit the famous Alexandrian Library.  In contrast to the ancient architecture found throughout Egypt, the Norwegian-designed building is a striking piece of modern design. Next, we visit Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue which was built in 1354, it was bombed by the French soldiers during their invasion of Egypt in 1798 and was re-built in 1850. Transfer back to Cairo for a complementary dinner, Koshari, then back to our hotel.

Day 5:  Monday March 1: History of the World and Beach Resort

Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner included


We begin with breakfast at the hotel and then check out.  Our tour starts with a visit to The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, located at Al-Tahrir Square, in the heart of Cairo. The exhibits of this museum are famous for their historical and artistic value.  The museum also houses some of the greatest artifact’s collections of Egypt in the world. Our lunch is at an outdoor restaurant located at the Nile beach. We continue our day tour with a visit to Old Cairo, which includes the Hanging Church; this basilica was named "Al-Mu'allaqah" because it was built on top of the south gate of the Fortress of Babylon. We then visit the Church of Abu Serga; this basilica is built on the cave believed by the Catholic church to be the home where Yeshua (Jesus) and his family stayed when they lived in Egypt. We will then visit The Ben Ezra Synagogue; this famous synagogue in Old Cairo, was originally called  the synagogue of ‘the men of Israel’, built in the year 882 C.E. on the remains of the basilica of a Coptic church that had been sold to Jews. It became known as the Synagogue of Elijah the Prophet and also as the Ben Ezra Synagogue. We then transfer to Cairo airport for a domestic flight to Sharm El Sheikh and transfer to the hotel for dinner & overnight.

Day 6:  Tuesday March 2: Visit the land where Moses spoke to G-d

Breakfast and Dinner included.

We will have breakfast at the hotel. Today we travel into the desert to the traditional site of Mt. Sinai and St. Catherine’s Monastery. The monastery is located on the south side of Mt. Sinai and provides a spiritual and cultural presence extending back over eighteen centuries. The monastery attracts pilgrims and visitors from all over the world as it has a rich history in preserving the ancient Biblical story of Moses and the Israelites as they fled from Egypt. With over 3300 manuscripts and some of the most ancient on record.

Overnight at Sharm El Sheik hotel. 


Day 7:   Wednesday March 3: Travel to Israel  

Breakfast and Dinner included

We will eat breakfast at the hotel and then check out. Our tour now takes across the desert to the border of Israel where will “cross over” at the Tabor border into Eilat. We will say goodbye to our Egyptian tour guide and meet our Israeli tour guide. Our first stop will be a walking tour through a full-sized replica of the Tabernacle in the desert and then a short hike to Solomon’s Pillar’s. Then we check into our beach side hotel and have dinner.

Day 8: Thursday March 4: Through the Wilderness

Breakfast and Dinner included


We will eat breakfast at the hotel and check out. Today, we journey to the world’s largest erosion crater, The Ramon Crater and lookout. We then visit the first Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben Gurion, home and grounds. Finally ending the day at Tel Beer Sheva and checking into our Hotel for dinner.


Day 9: Friday March 5: Historic Towers, Amazing Fortress’ and Story of the Jews

Breakfast and Lunch included


After Breakfast we begin our tour of Tel Beer Sheva. Here we will see the replica altar: a stone altar used for making sacrifices. The altar was dated to around the 8th century B.C.E. and today the original is in the Israel Museum. One of the deepest wells in Israel is located here in addition to an ancient outer city gate and two tall towers. Our journey forges on to Tel Arad, on which were found the remains of a fortified Canaanite city and fortresses from the time of the Kings of Judah.  We then press further North to Masada. This natural fortress was originally a castle complex built by Herod the Great, King of Judea. When the Romans overtook Judea in the first century AD, the grounds became a fortress for the Jewish people.  We will take a cable car to the top of his mountain overlooking the Dead Sea and step back in history.

This evening we will arrive at our Dead Sea luxurious resort. You will have the opportunity to float in the Dead Sea and relax by the pool. Optional spa treatments available.

We will enjoy a private Shabbat dinner and celebration together.

Day 10: Saturday March 6: Travel through history and walk the steps of Yeshua (Jesus)

Breakfast and Lunch included


After breakfast we check out of our hotel and continue or ascent to the Holy city of Jerusalem but first we stop at the Qumran National Park which lies at the foot of the vertical cliff of the Judean Desert, rising up from the shores of the Dead Sea. In the 2nd century BCE, Qumran was settled by members of the Essene sect, the writers of the Dead Sea Scrolls. where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. We leave the dead sea region and ascend up to Jerusalem for a breathtaking panoramic view of the city, atop the Mt. of Olives.  Our journey will follow Yeshua’s steps descending to the Garden of Gethsemane. Walking between the ancient olive trees we will have a few moments of reflection. We will go into the Jewish quarter and take in the history and the shopping. Then to our hotel for dinner and rest.

Day 11: Sunday March 7: Touring the City of G-d

Breakfast and Dinner included


After breakfast we begin our day just outside the Dung Gate on the southeastern hill below the Temple Mount in the City of David. It was during the time of Solomon that the city limits extended past this part of Jerusalem. We visit Gihon Springs, the original water source for Jerusalem, view new excavations, including a typical Israelite four-room house, and the lower city wall. A part of today will be an optional walk through Hezekiah's Tunnel to the pool of Siloam, the place of Yeshua’s (Jesus') miracle in John 9. We will then visit the southern steps of the temple mount and see the unearthed mikvahs that date back to Solomon’s temple. We will then have time at the Western Wall (wailing wall), where we will join our voices to the millions who have prayed for peace here. Then we get the behind the scenes tour of the tunnels beneath the Temple Mount.   Here we see the original Mt. Moriah (where Abraham brought Isaac) and where the foundation of the temple was laid. We get to see various eras of Jerusalem’s history that have been excavated. Then back to our hotel for dinner and rest.

Day 12: Monday March 8:  Modern Jerusalem and Museam 

After breakfast we will have a photo op drive by at the U.S. Embassy and the Knesset. Then we arrive at the Israel Museum where we will walk through thousands of years of history and see a full-scale model of Old Jerusalem and the famous Isaiah scroll from the Dead Sea. After lunch in the old city we will visit the Garden Tomb and Golgotha. A possible site of the event that changed the world. We will share in a teaching and time of communion together. Then back to the hotel for dinner. Get some rest as we leave for a sunrise flight out of Tel Aviv.

Day 13: Arrive Home

Arrive in Atlanta and say goodbye. Remembering the incredible memories this journey of Freedom has brought.


OUR HOTELS: Each hotel is rated as a 4 to 5 start hotel.

Some are resorts and feature additional amenities.


Cairo: 3 nights:  Mena House Marriot Hotel and Garden View


Sharm El Sheikh: 2 Nights Movenpick Resort



Eilat: 1 night: Astral Maris


Beersheva: 1 night:  Leonardo Negev


Dead Sea: 1 night: Herods:


Jerusalem: 3 nights: Yehudah

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