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Biblical Hebrew 101, 102,103

Are you ready to read the Bible in its original language? Are you afraid of learning a new language? Great news! The Hebraic Institute offers Biblical Hebrew in an interactive learning form that takes the student from zero knowledge to reading Hebrew in just 12 weeks. You will be immersed and amazed at quick you begin to catch the language of the Bible

Each course builds on the previous using the same text book. Each teacher is highly profiecient in Hebrew and in teaching methods that give the student success. 

IIn addition to the tuition each student must purchase the text book. This book will carry the student through three full semesters of study,  

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Biblical Hebrew:  An Interactive Approach
Biblical Hebrew: Audio-Video Companion Files to An Interactive Approach


These materials will be used through THREE levels of Biblical Hebrew, making it a worthwhile investment.

When you click the register button click Hebraic Institute in the middle of the page. Then find the Hebrew 101 class. If you have already taken 101 then register for 102. 


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