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The Messiah Mosaic

By digging through the Hebrew scriptures with a Hebraic understanding a beautiful hidden mystery is unearthed. This course is a like an expedition into ancient text and thought. What awaits on the other side is nothing short of stunning.

Session 1: Introduction to Messiah.

An overview of the class. Introduction of terms and methodology.

Session 2-5: Messiah through the Torah:

These classes will focus on verses within the Torah (first five books of the Bible) which describe the plan, purpose and person of Messiah.

Session 6-8: Messiah through the Prophets:

Yeshua is seen throughout the prophets. However, Hebraic understanding reveals an even stronger case for Yeshua being the promised Messiah.


Session 9-11: Yeshua in the Writings:

Throughout the Hebrew Bible there are illusions and references to a Messiah. In the historical, poetic and narrative works, Messiah is brought out like an unfolding mystery. 

Session 12: Yeshua in the New Covenant:

Although most followers have read and heard the New Testament, many have never understood the New Covenant. What is the New Covenant and how is Yeshua a part of it? 

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