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Meal  Registration

Our time at Sukkot is spent with a great deal of fellowship. Laughter, prayer and talking about the scriptures will be a common and daily feature. Many of these times of fellowship will happen during meals. As we say in Be One Fellowship, "good things happen around the table."  We invite you to join us each day for breakfast and dinner. You can bring your own food or join in one of our meal plans. Each morning the coffee will be brewed and the breakfast prepared with love. Each evening we will gather in the dining room for a fun surprise pre-meal moment and then we will enjoy great food and fellowship. Do not miss these times of joy around the table. Click Button to see Menu:



All food is purchased by Be One Fellowship. Food is prepared by our team but participants are expected to help with some prep and clean up. 

Each camper is responsible for their own lunches, snacks and personal drinks. Be One will provide breakfast coffee, water and tea at dinner.
We are offering several meal plans for inidviduals or families. Also you can purchase a full week or just the weekend. 
Click the button for the menu and pricing options. 


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