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Celebrate Recovery Information

Hey team,

I’m excited to start off 2023 with lots of vision for how G-d will use us this year. I’ve got more details about how we’ll be getting started with CR this Spring. The step study will start on Monday, January 23rd, and meet every Monday from 5:30 p until 7 p at Metro. We should finish up either late April or early May, depending on if we have to miss any meetings for weather or any other issues that may arise. 

  Each week, there will be some short readings and a few introspection questions from the step study booklet, which will be provided at no charge. Until then, please remember to attend large group, either at Metro, or at whichever CR is more convenient for your schedule. I’ve been in contact with our CR state rep, and we’re good to go so far as far as they’re concerned. When we get close to finishing up the step study, I’ll send out a schedule for attending a few of the other local CR large groups, to get a feel for the variations between different congregations. 

  After that, we’ll schedule a meeting for all of the leadership team to gather and complete our plan for submission to Be One’s elders. After they get a chance to look over our plan, we’ll schedule a soft launch of CR for just our congregation. This should start around June or July. After we  meet a number of times, and feel comfortable with the liturgy, we will open up to having those from outside our congregation attend our meetings. At this point, we will begin reaching out to addiction counseling resource centers, mental health resource centers, and other such services, making our presence and availability known.

 Thank you for your service and commitment to His Kingdom. If you have any questions, feel free to call, email, or text. I will begin a group text in the next few weeks for us to have a method for quickly and easily communicating prayers, info, and updates. If you don’t want to be on that group text, please let me know. 

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