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Be One Fellowship

 Kehillah Roi Training

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Team Building

Building a community of disciples one Shabbat at a time

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A kehillah ( קְהִלָּה ) is an assembly or congregation. We use the word kehillah to recognize our community            of faith. A roi (רֹעִי ) is a shepherd. We use this word to describe the leader of a Shabbat home kehillah.


One of the functions of a healthy kehillah is discipleship. A foundational part of our discipleship is a            weekly gathering in homes on Shabbat. We meet together believing that each home is a sanctuary for

gathering, worshipping, prayer, teaching, and allowing the many gifts of the body of Messiah to come



For those who desire to lead a Shabbat Kehillah we have designed the following training.

The training will provide each leader a Biblical grounding and understanding of Be One’s philosophy

of ministry and will equip each person to be effective as a shepherd of the home group.


                                             Who is this for?  

                                             This training is for those who are part of Be One Fellowship and desire to lead a                                                           home Kehillah.  



              Some of the benefits:

  • Receive initial training and materials.

  • Receive on-going equipping.

  • Receive personal relational contact with Rabbi Jeff or another designated leader.

  • Receive network wide promotion of your group.

  • Enjoy the sense of community at a higher level.

  • Participate in leaders only meetings.

  • Connect your group to other Be One groups for projects of service and fellowship.


                 Some of the responsibilities:

  • Attend each session of the initial training and complete all assignments.

  • Attend at least 75% of the monthly equipping calls over the course of the year. (There will be 9-12 zoom or live leader calls during the course of the year.)

  • Report your groups attendance each week to the Be One office.

  • Care for and love the people in your group. They are your “sheep."

  • Promote Be One as a community.

 Click to see the syllabus                                             Click to register

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